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Like a Fairytale, Here is a List of the Most Romantic Countries!

Feb 15, 2023
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The celebration of Valentine's Day on February 14th will make more of an impression when you visit romantic countries. By traveling to countries with many romantic nuances, you and your loved one will create many memorable moments together. You may also get to know each other better by going on a vacation together. So, where should you go to have the most romantic Valentine's Day with your loved one?

6 Romantic Countries and The Budget Needed to go There
Celebrating Valentine's Day by traveling abroad will never be wrong if you spare some money. Read the list below to know which country is within your budget!

Who doesn't know about France's romantic nuance? The country, home to Eiffel Tower, is well-known for being the setting for many romance films. Therefore, you don't need to argue about the atmosphere of France while you are spending Valentine's Day here.
After visiting the Eiffel Tower, you may visit other destinations in France, such as Jardin Alpin, Jardin Naturel, Jardin de la Nouvelle France, and Jardin Sauvage Saint Vincent. If you want to go here, you need to spare around IDR 60 million to IDR 80 million per person, assuming you will stay there for a week. So, do you have that much money to spare? If not, you may seek other options below.

Switzerland is another romantic country where you can celebrate Valentine's Day since it is known for its delicious and creamy chocolate. Switzerland is also a perfect destination because it offers beautiful sceneries of green pastures, hills, and valleys. Another plus point for Switzerland is its enjoyable weather, even for newcomers.

Staying in Switzerland only for two or three days is not enough. Stay for around a week to enjoy the beautiful scenery to the fullest. So how much is the budget to stay in Switzerland? You can spare around IDR 60 million per person for a week's stay. Of course, you can discuss it more with your significant other.

Italy is heaven for those who consider themselves foodies. That's because, in this country, you may find authentic versions of Italian foods that you are familiar with. For example, you may find pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, and many others when visiting Italy.
Not only for its delicious food, but Italy is also home to many romantic places such as vintage architecture and the gondola, which are interesting to experience with your loved one during Valentine's Day. The amount of money that you need to prepare varies. However, for a week's stay, you need a minimum of IDR 50 million per person.

Have you heard the saying "it takes two to Tango" when referring to romantic moments? If so, do you know what "Tango" means? Tango is a traditional dance from Argentina, also known as a dance with a 4/4 rhythm. Men and women usually perform this dance with music that adds to the romantic nuances.

Surely, you want to try this romantic dance in Argentina with your loved one. Just go here when Valentine's Day comes! For the budget, you will need around IDR 40 million per person for five days.

The next romantic country you can visit on Valentine's Day is the Maldives. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of exotic beaches while celebrating Valentine's Day or during a honeymoon with your significant other. Besides beautiful beaches, Maldives is also home to unique and luxurious resorts that may enhance your romantic experience even more.

To enjoy all of the beautiful scenery and resorts in the Maldives, you need a budget of around IDR 30 million, depending on how long you will stay there and what activities you will do.

South Korea
As a country affected by the 'Korean wave,' many Indonesians want to vacation in South Korea on Valentine's Day. Besides producing many romance drama TV series, the atmosphere here also supports the notion of South Korea as a romantic country.
To achieve this dream with your loved one, you need to spare around IDR 15 million per person for a five-day stay. However, that doesn't include the souvenir budget.

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