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Permatae-Value Chain

The web-based banking solution that makes the transaction process easier and faster

The web-based integrated banking service solution that connects you with the supply chain based on your business. It makes the transaction experience faster and easier.

The Benefits of Using Permatae-Value Chain


Flexible and safe transaction, also available in various solutions.


It helps you to do easier and automatic decision making.


The business simplification that omits the manual working process to increase productivity.

Essential Features

Document Management

Online business document arrangement from product catalogue, purchase order, delivery order, goods receipt note to invoice.

Notification and Report Management

Email interactive notification and transaction report for monitoring needs that can be accessed anytime online.

Payment Management

The finance repayment that completed in various ways such as full, partial, or auto-debit.

Transaction Management

Expediting payment transaction arrangement process regarding efficient and on-time billing payment.

Additional Information

Limit and Transaction Fee

See the following things to have a well-run transaction while using Permatae-Value Chain.

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Permatae-Value Chain

Solusi perbankan berbasis web untuk proses transaksi yang lebih mudah dan cepat.

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