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For You

We always strive to provide the best support for your journey in planning, accumulating, and protecting your wealth.

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For Your Family

We are committed to protecting the value of your wealth, with a steadfast commitment to ensuring its seamless transition to your future generations.

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For Your Business

As a universal bank, we can be your one-stop solution for all your evolving business needs.

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Your Gateway to Unlock
Unparalleled Banking Privileges

Debit Card

Indulge in countless luxuries, conveniences, comforts, and also a multitude of privileges meticulously crafted to provide you and up to five family members with an unforgettable banking experience with PermataPrivate Debit Plus.

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Credit Card

Unlock a world of luxury and convenience with PermataVisa Infinite Credit Card, offering a metal-base card, competitive foreign exchange rates, access to 1,000+ airport lounges worldwide, and a range of premium benefits.

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Unveiling Exclusive Offers Just for You

Tailored Advisory Service from Our Experienced Team

Enjoy Access to Various World-class Health and Wellness Services

Airport Transfers for Your Domestic and International Travel

Limitless Connectivity through Various Channel for Your Transactions

Next Generation Club: Exclusive Community Club for Your Successors

A Wide Range of Financial Solutions Tailored for Your Needs

Discover Exciting Offers
for Your Lifestyle

T'ang Court - The Langham Jakarta

IDR 300K Discount

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Alexander McQueen

0% Installment for up to 24 months

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IDR 2 Million Cashback & 0% Installment up to 12 Months

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Hotel & Dining










Luxury Brand

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PermataWealth Management Market Insight

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The Comprehensive Impact of Sustainability Investment Portfolio

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The Role of Partnership for Business through Generations

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PermataBank Private Guidebook

Embark on your PermataBank Private journey with our comprehensive guidebook, and immerse yourself in a realm of unmatched privileges.

Product and Service Information Summary

Read through our Product and Service Information Summary to gain a better understanding of the terms and conditions of our services.

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For You

Effective planning, accumulating, and protecting your wealth are vital for a comprehensive financial strategy. At PermataBank Private, we provide exceptional services to guide you in achieving your financial goals throughout your life. Our tailor-made solutions cater to your unique needs and aspirations.

With PermataBank Private, you'll experience a personalized approach to wealth management. With an understanding that each customer's financial situation is unique, we conduct a thorough assessment of your circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. Using this understanding, we create customized strategies and investment portfolios aligned with your objectives and preferences. Whether you aim to grow your wealth, safeguard your assets, or plan for the long-term, our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of wealth management and confidently achieve your financial aspirations.


For Your Family

With wholehearted dedication, we are devoted to safeguarding the value of your life and assets, ensuring a perpetual transfer of the baton to future generations. At our core, we understand the importance of preserving your legacy and securing your financial well-being for the long term.

At our institution, we go beyond mere financial management. We take a comprehensive approach to wealth preservation, carefully considering the intricacies of your unique circumstances. By conducting thorough assessments and implementing tailored strategies, we aim to protect the fruits of your labor, allowing your legacy to endure and prosper throughout the passage of time. Our team of professionals is committed to providing the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of wealth preservation, allowing you to confidently pass on your legacy to the next generation, secure in the knowledge that it will continue to flourish.


For Your Business

We are committed to supporting both your personal and business needs. As a universal bank, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your evolving business requirements. From financing and cash management to advisory services and investment opportunities, we provide tailored strategies to sustain and advance your business ventures. With a deep understanding of the corporate landscape, our team is dedicated to driving your business forward.

We understand the importance of entrepreneurship and the role businesses play in economic growth. By aligning our resources with your business objectives, we aim to establish a lasting partnership for your success. As your trusted financial partner, we are ready to support your aspirations and provide the necessary tools and guidance to thrive in a changing marketplace.


The World Is Your Oyster, Our Card Is Your Key

  • Make the World Your One-Stop Shopping Mall

    PermataPrivate Debit Plus is your trusted companion in fulfilling your needs. Shopping becomes more convenient as PermataPrivate Debit Plus is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide and all ATMs bearing the ATM Bersama, PRIMA, ALTO, VISA & PLUS logos, including online transactions on e-commerce platforms.

  • Better Rates, Better Banking

    Enjoy competitive rates for purchases and cash withdrawals worldwide.

  • Making e-Commerce Safer, One Transaction at a Time

    Shop securely at millions of online merchants with additional protection through 3D Secure.

  • Open Doors All Over the World with Your Wallet

    Your debit card is equipped with International Standard Chip (EMV) for enhanced transaction security.


Unparalleled Privileges for Our Most Premium Customer

  • Travel Made Easy for the Memories That Will Last Forever

    Every journey holds memories, and we are ready to create unforgettable moments with our enticing offers, such as:

    • Best foreign currency exchange rates for all transactions.
    • Complimentary access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide through LoungeKey.
    • Free flights through reward point redemption as miles. Every retail transaction of IDR 7,500 can be exchanged for 1 GarudaMiles or 1 KrisFlyer mile.
    • Discounts and/or cashback for travel ticket purchases at renowned travel agents partnered with PermataBank.
    • 24/7 Visa Concierge service available to enhance your travel convenience.
  • Dining Privileges for You and Those Who Matter Most

    Savor special culinary moments with exclusive discounts at various renowned restaurants to enrich your time together with loved ones.

  • The Luxury You Deserve, Throughout Your Journey

    PermataVisa Infinite Credit Card collaborates with luxury brand stores to provide 0% installment facilities for up to 24 months.


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