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Permata Institute for Economic Research (PIER)

Information about PIER from PermataBank

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PIER Overview

  1. Permata Institute for Economic Research (PIER) started in April 2014 and has been providing various research products such as daily market updates, analysis of the macroeconomic conditions, and strategic industries in Indonesia, including manufacturing, retail, mining and agriculture, tourism and also services.
  2. PIER aims to support PermataBank clients and internal requests for economic research.
  3. PIER also consistently adds value for PermataBank clients by offering insights into the current economic and industry conditions for their business decision-making and maintaining relationships with regulators by contributing policy ideas and suggestions to Bank Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority and the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Mr. Josua Pardede, as the Division Head of Economic Research at PermataBank, is recognized as one of the top forecasters in Bloomberg and Reuters Polls. He has received awards such as The Best Forecaster from AsiaMoney, Focus Economics, and appreciation from Bank Indonesia. Our analyses are also referenced and quoted by various domestic and international media.
  5. PIER vision is becoming the top choice for economic research in Indonesia and aspires to be an advisory team for all stakeholders, expanding the scope of macroeconomic, financial market, industry and regional economic research. Additionally, PIER strengthens collaboration with Bangkok Bank for research at the ASEAN level.

Daily Market Review

20 March 2024
19 March 2024
18 March 2024
15 March 2024
14 March 2024
13 March 2024


Inflation - February 2024
Inflation - January 2024
Inflation - December 2023
Inflation - November 2023
Inflation - October 2023
Inflation - June 2023

Trade Balance

Trade Balance - February 2024
Trade Balance - January 2024
Trade Balance - December 2023
Trade Balance - November 2023
Trade Balance - October 2023
Trade Balance - September 2023

Policy Rate

BI Rate - March 2024
BI Rate - February 2024
BI Rate - January 2024
FFR - March 2024
FFR - January 2024
FFR - December 2023

Industry Report

Indonesia Footwear Industry - February 2024
Indonesia Pulp & Paper Industry - January 2024
Indonesia Property Industry - December 2023
Indonesia Basic Metals Industry - September 2023
Indonesia Food and Beverage Industry - August 2023
Indonesia CPO Industry - June 2023


GDP - 2023
GDP - 3Q23
GDP - 2Q23

Balance of Payment

Balance of Payment - 2023
Balance of Payment - 3Q23

Indonesia Macroeconomic and Industry Outlook

Indonesia Macroeconomic and Industry Outlook - 2024
Indonesia Macroeconomic and Industry Outlook - 2023

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