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Using Transportation in Jakarta is Easier with the ‘Top up Fello’ Feature at PermataMobile X

Nov 19, 2022
3 Menit

As activities have returned to normal after the pandemic, the number of public transport users is now back to pre-pandemic levels, with many workers returning to the office. Now, most public transportation provides a cashless payment method for electronic money. The public widely uses this payment method because it is easy and efficient. One of the electronic money used by public transportation users is Fello. With PermataMobile X, you can now top up Fello anywhere and anytime.

What is Fello?
For those unfamiliar with Fello, Fello is electronic money issued by Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi. Like any other electronic money, Fello has the same function as cash. Since it has a value equivalent to cash, you can legally use Fello for payments.

One of Fello's main advantages compared to other electronic money is its integration with the Jaklingko application. If you are a resident of DKI Jakarta or work in the Jakarta area, you must be familiar with the Jaklingko application.

Jaklingko is an application that has an integrated intermodal payment system in DKI Jakarta. This application serves payments for public transportation operating in the capital city, such as the MRT, LRT, KAI Commuter, Transjakarta, Railink, and Microtrans.

For Jaklingko application users, Fello is making things easier because it is the main wallet of the application. The integration between Fello and Jaklingko offers convenience and effectiveness in transportation payments.

Top up Fello with ease via PermataMobile X
PermataBank is presenting the Fello top-up feature on the PermataMobile X application. Topping up Fello credits via PermataMobile X is very easy. You only need to log in to the PermataMobile X application, then select the top-up menu. Afterward, select the Fello menu and enter your mobile number registered in the application. Then, enter the amount of money you want to top up to Fello. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

The 'Fello Top-up' feature on the PermataMobile X application simplifies users' activities and provides transaction effectiveness. It is because you can do all your transactions in one application, PermataMobile X.

This mobile banking application from PermataBank comes with more than 200 features that make it easy for you to make any payment, save money, and provide various attractive promos and cashbacks that benefit you. So, don’t waste more of your time. Download the PermataMobile X application right now and experience all the conveniences offered!

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