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Introducing PermataPoin, PermataMobile X’s Latest Feature

Sep 18, 2023
4 Minutes

As the name suggests, PermataPoin is a reward system for PermataMobile X users. With this feature, you can collect point rewards from various transactions through mobile banking. Your PermataPoin can be used to save on your QR Pay transactions.

Make sure you have updated your PermataMobile X with the latest version to enjoy this feature. Don’t have PermataMobile X yet? Download now from Play Store or App Store!

What Is PermataPoin?

PermataPoin is PermataBank's point reward feature for Customers in conducting various transactions through PermataMobile X. In this system, 1 point is equivalent to IDR 1.

To accumulate PermataPoin, you can complete various transactions, from top-up to bill payments. The points you earn can be used immediately to reduce partial or all of your QR Pay transaction amount.

3 Benefits of PermataPoin

PermataPoin has several benefits which you can find out below:

Supports Various Transactions
When you make Top up or Pay Bills transactions via mobile banking PermataMobile X, you will earn PermataPoin. There's no minimum amount required to obtain PermataPoin.

No Maximum Limit on Points
The more transaction you make on PermataMobile X, the more point and benefits you can get. Make sure to use PermataMobile X for your transaction needs.

Can be Used in QR Payment
Your PermataPoin can be used directly for your QR Pay transaction. Just scan the QR code at the store/merchant when you shop, and you can immediately use PermataPoin as a discount on the transaction amount. For example, when you purchase items worth IDR 100K and have an equal amount of PermataPoin, you can reduce part or all of the price!

How to Earn PermataPoin

You can earn PermataPoin through various transactions, the terms for PermataPoin earning can be read in the following table:

Activity Category Transaction Type Points Earned per Transaction
PermataMobile X Registration Only for first time PermataMobile X registration 2,500 points
Account Opening Tabungan Payroll, PermataValas Dinamis, PermataME, PermataTabungan AirAsia, PermataTabungan Bebas, PermataTabungan Optima, Tabungan Haji, Tabungan IB Bebas, Tabungan IB Optima, PermataMe IB, PermataGiro, PermataGiro IB 2,500 points
Payment Bill PLN: Postpaid 100 points
  Water Bills: PAM and PDAM Nasional (Palyja and Aetra) 100 points
  Postpaid Handphone: Matrix (Indosat), HALO (Telkomsel), XL, and Smartfren 100 points
  TV and Internet: First Media, Indovision/Top/Oke/Tren, Biznet (Home, Metronet, Postpaid), Transvision, and Indihome 100 points
Top Up Phone Credit and Mobile Data Package: Indosat, XL, Telkomsel, and Smartfren 100 points
  Google Play Voucher 100 points
  Mobile Legends Powered by Google Play 100 points
  PLN: Prepaid 100 points
Wealth Management Transaction Mutual Funds Purchase 0.25% from the transaction nominal - maximum 100,000 points per transaction
  Bonds Purchase 0.25% from the transaction nominal - maximum 100,000 points per transaction

Terms for earning PermataPoin:

  • There is no minimum transaction value for any transaction type.
  • There is no daily transaction limit for any transaction type.
  • At any time, PermataBank may change the amount of earnable points according to the Bank’s policy without any prior notice.
How to View and Use PermataPoin

How to access PermataPoin menu: 

  • Login PermataMobile X.
  • On the main page , tap the icon 9dots on the top left corner.
  • Click PermataPoin menu. On the PermataPoin dashboard, you can also view their owned total points.

How to use PermataPoin

  • You can use PermataPoin for PermataMobile X’s QR Pay transactions by scanning the Merchant's QR Code (does not apply to QR Pay methods where the Merchant scans the Customer's QR Code). 
  • QR Pay transactions can be made in full using PermataPoin if you have a sufficient balance of PermataPoin or it can also be combined with the savings account balance.

Check PermataPoin  FAQ

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