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Preparation to the Holy City

May 28, 2020
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Hajj is the goal and dream of every Muslim. Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam which urges all Muslims to perform it at lease once in a lifetime. The cost for a hajj trip to the Holy City is not cheap, many people agree that it is a difficult task due to the  expensive price. Not only the cost, but the physical health must also be well prepared before taking a trip to the Holy City.

With good preparation, hajj will no longer be a baseless dream. Everyone can perform hajj, especially by following these steps.

Prepare Your Finances
Basically, everyone has been taught since a very young age to save their money. However, not everyone can stay committed to save money each month. Yes, saving money requires a big sense of commitment. If you have a strong will to perform hajj, surely you will be willing to save a part of your monthly income. For people who are still not used to save some money, it will be a difficult start. But as months pass, it gets easier. Focus on your dream to visit the Holy City.

As you have fully committed to save some money, it is time for you to pick the best savings product that suits your dream to perform hajj. Opening a hajj saving account can be the first step for you to discipline your saving habit. Nowadays, there are many hajj saving accounts to be picked, one is from PermataBank Syariah. The best pick for you is PermataTabungan iB Haji, which offers special features and perks for customers who wish to perform hajj.

With the minimum first deposit of Rp100,000 and next minimum deposit of Rp50,000, you will be the proud owner of PermataTabungan iB Haji. This savings product uses Mudharabah agreement, so the customer will get monthly profit sharing. Free from monthly administration charge, the money in your saving account is safe from additional charge, suitable for an optimal saving.

To get the guest number of hajj directly from SISKOHAT Indonesian Ministry of Religion Affairs, customers should only deposit the minimum of Rp25 million as determined by the Ministry of Religion Affairs.

Physical Preparation
Apart from preparing your finances through saving account, performing hajj rituals require massive physical strength. You are still unable to go, whether you have successfully collected the money for the trip, if you have poor physical health.

That is why you need to keep an eye on your physical wellbeing from an early stage. Remember, your physical health is just as important as collecting the required money for hajj. There are various hajj rituals that must be done, each is just as tiring as the next. If you wish to have a pleasant trip and spiritually indulging hajj, start your physical preparation from now on and take good care of your health.

Going to Mecca and performing hajj are not pipe dreams, only if you are serious and committed enough to do them. Make your dreams of following the fifth Pillar of Islam with PermataTabungan iB Haji. The transactions are easy and safe, complete with practical features through PermataMobile X. You can do millions of banking transactions, such as book-entry, payments, money transfers, and many more.

You can also open a new PermataTabungan iB Haji account by visiting the nearest branch office of PermataBank and PermataBank Syariah, as well as the Ministry of Religion Affairs office through One Stop PermataBank Service.

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