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What Do You Need to Prepare for Ramadan Homecoming?

Apr 27, 2023
4 Minutes

The holy month of Ramadan is right around the corner. After fasting for the whole month, we’ll welcome the victorious month with our loved ones. Every year, the Ramadan celebration has close ties to the homecoming tradition, and it’s a must for many people. With that in mind, you should prepare more money than usual if you're one of them.

Homecoming Travel Expenses
If traveling with a personal vehicle, you must check your transportation’s condition before the trip. This step is essential to ensure your safety on the road, especially for long trips. Besides, you also need to calculate the necessary fuel expenses for a round trip.
However, if you travel with public transportation, you’ll need money to purchase a train, bus, or airplane ticket, especially when your hometown is far from the city. Regardless of the ride you choose, always estimate your spending more than usual to anticipate any unexpected needs on the trip.

Souvenir Expenses
Although souvenirs aren’t necessary, visiting your family empty-handed may feel imposing and impolite. That’s why you should allocate money to buy souvenirs such as snacks, candies, toys, clothing, etc. When purchasing souvenirs, pay attention to the maximum load of your car or transportation, and avoid buying too many things in bulk to keep your homecoming trip safe.

Food and Beverage Expenses During Travel
Aside from transportation and food expenses, you must consider how much money you need to buy food and drink during your homecoming trip. You can calculate the amount based on your trip duration. So, the longer your trip, the more money you have to prepare.

If you’re traveling with children, allocating more money for food and beverages is best. However, to cut back on expenses, you can also prepare some boxed lunches to cut back on costs. Choose a menu that won’t rot on your way to your hometown.

Holiday Bonus Expenses
Handing out Ramadan envelopes and holiday bonus money is another common tradition during Eid-al Fitr, especially after you’ve arrived in your hometown. You should also consider your financial capabilities and what you need. If you have many urgent expenses, try cutting back on holiday bonuses.

Family Outing Expenses
Spending quality time with your beloved family after arriving in your hometown will strengthen your relationship. That’s why there’s no harm in freeing up your schedule and taking them out for a trip to somewhere fun. When you have such plans, you need to allocate more money.

The exact amount highly depends on where you’re going, but generally, you can set aside 15% to 20% of your total income for family outings. However, should you need more money than predicted, you can ask your family members to chip in their money to make your dream trip come true.

Emergency Expenses
When talking about financial management, emergency fund reserves are a must. In other words, you should also allocate your salary for emergency savings, including for Ramadan homecoming. These fund reserves will help you get by with unexpected events on your trip or in your hometown, such as paying parking fees, restroom retributions, or car repair costs.

To keep your homecoming trip convenient, leave 10% of your total budget for emergency funds so that you can face them more easily.

Homecoming has always been a highly-awaited yearly moment during Ramadan. However, you can’t deny that it costs a lot of money. While the government has mandated companies to hand out religious holiday allowances for employees, you may have more necessities that require more money than usual.

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