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Convenient Retail Bonds Transaction with PermataMobile X, Empowering #SemuaMakinBisa Movement

Jun 27, 2023
2 Minutes

PermataBank provides convenience for customers to invest digitally through complete features for ordering and paying Retail SBN all in PermataMobile X.

Jakarta – The rapid development of technology allows Wealth Management (WM) services to be easily accessed by anyone. As a leading bank in the Indonesian financial industry, PermataBank is committed to continuous innovation in order to provide excellent service to customers by presenting a comprehensive Digital WM solution, with a complete selection of products and services ranging from Investment, Bancassurance, Foreign Exchange and WM Backed-Loan facilities.

PermataBank offers convenience for customers to access investment services and products online anywhere and anytime through the PermataMobile X mobile banking application. A wide selection of investment products such as Retail Bonds, Mutual Funds and Bonds in various currencies are available at PermataMobile X. 

PermataMobile X is designed to provide a safe and comfortable digital investment experience, where customers can easily manage and monitor their entire investment portfolio through one integrated banking application. In addition, customers will also receive the latest information on global and domestic financial markets on a regular basis through PermataMobile X Notification.

Due to the new feature in PermataMobile X that allows customers to carry out the end-to-end transaction process for Retail Government Security products, the digital investment solutions that we offer are now more comprehensive than ever. Customers can make a series of transactions starting from registering and ordering Single Investor Identification (SID), to making Retail SBN payments.

Djumariah Tenteram, PermataBank Retail Banking Director stated, "PermataBank offers convenience for people to invest online with various types of investment instruments, including Retail SBN, specifically ORI and Retail Sukuk. This solution is a demonstration of our prime service to reach millennial investors, as well as a tangible way for PermataBank to support the government in increasing literacy and expanding the scope of public financial inclusion." #SemuaMakinBisa

Public literacy and interest in Retail SBN investments are increasing, this can be seen from the significant growth in the number of investors in recent years, referring to data from the Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI), from the beginning of 2020 up to the end of May 2023 the number of investors in Retail SBN grew 96% from 460 thousand to 902 thousand dominated by Millennials and Gen Z age groups.

PermataBank consistently participates by becoming a distribution partner in initial public offerings or IPOs for Retail SBN, including the offering of Retail SBN in the near future, namely the ORI023 series State Retail Bonds product which will enter the offering period from 30 June 2023 to 20 July 2023. ORI is an easy, affordable, profitable and safe investment alternative because the principal and coupon payments are 100% guaranteed by the state. Customers can start investing in ORI with only a minimum purchase of IDR 1 million. ORI are fixed rate coupons which are tradeable on the Secondary Market.

PermataMobile X with retail SBN ordering and payment features can be downloaded, and those who already have the PermataMobile X application can update it directly through the Apple Store or Play Store.

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