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Transfer is Now Free and Convenient with PermataMobile X!

Aug 23, 2022
3 Minutes

Transfer is a daily banking activity we do whenever we want to pay our shopping bills, give a present to family or friends, send monthly money to parents who live out of town, etc. All of them will be easier by transfer.

Supported by technology development, every transfer activity has been done through the online system. With PermataMobile X, you do not need to go outside your home for your transaction; you just have to download the application and enjoy the features.

PermataMobile X Provide Ease of Transfer
PermataBank understands your needs and requests. With PermataMobile X, you will find a hundred features for your banking activities.

One of the most needed features for users is the transfer feature. You do not have to go to the nearest ATM or trouble yourself by transferring your money manually in the bank. Everything is in the palm of your hand without being limited by space and time. Besides, you can also directly send the transfer receipt to your money receiver in no time.

With PermataMobile X, you can transfer your money without the receiver's bank account number. PermataBank is adding the Whatsapp Gift feature into this digital banking application. This feature allows everyone to transfer money using their contact WhatsApp number. In addition to that, this feature is also equipped with a digital expression card. With this feature, you can celebrate special days such as Eid, Christmas, Chinese New Year, or other events.

Enjoy the Free Transfer Fee
Besides the hundred features, PermataMobile X also has another excellent feature. Transfer to other banks will generally cut some of your balance as transfer fees. However, with PermataMobile X, you don't have to worry about that. Starting from August 19th, 2022, you can transfer to other banks without any condition and time limit, valid for all accounts and all customer segments (Priority, Preferred, Personal), without minimum balance and transaction frequency limit. This facility applies to online transfer methods, BI FAST, LLG, and RTGS.

Other Excellent Features from PertamaMobile X
In addition, PermataMobile X provides various features to make it easier for users to make banking transactions. These features include top-up features for various e-wallets, account openings and online credit card applications, features for investing, changing installments, cash requests, or Cash on Call easily without the need to visit the bank.

Also other features like data package and mobile credit top up, e-wallet top up, electricity, water, and internet bill payment, game voucher top up, and many more.

In addition to the above features, a lot more other that can ease you banking activities. #SemuaMakinBisa make your transaction easier with PermataMobile X.

What are you waiting for? Download PermataMobile X now and enjoy free transfer fee without any condition to other banks.

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