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5 Advantages of Paying with a QR Code

May 29, 2022
4 Minutes

Do you usually transact offline but want to be practical without using money or even a card? Now, QR Code Payment or Quick Response Code Payment is here as the solution. QR Code is a payment system without cash or cards that works by scanning codes. These codes are usually in the form of 2-dimensional barcodes.

In the digital banking development that provides a QR Code, paying with a QR Code is a practical method in transactions to make your business more accessible, safer, and faster. The cardless trend has been a lifestyle, especially for the millennials.

The emergence of QR Codes will benefit the users. Here below are the benefits you will get if you make a payment using QR Codes.

No-Fuss, You Only Need a Smartphone
These days, smartphones are always in our hands and have become something close to us. Your smartphone has also been a mandatory item that you need to bring when going out to do chores, such as shopping, working, hanging out with friends or family, and many more.

Those activities will require us to do transactions when getting on transportation, paying for a product or service, or other things. Those transactions will be easier to complete with QR Codes since you don’t have to scan a different code on every merchant.

To have a QR Code, you need to know how to register for m-banking to access mobile banking. Payments with a QR Code will be made using that digital banking application.

Easy and Time-Saving
With just one scan through the feature in the digital banking application, your transactions will be easier. You don’t have to look for ATMs to withdraw money. Also, you don’t need to fuss around with the amount of money you have to pay.

Aside from being more accessible, you can also save time since you don’t have to look for the debit card or cash in your purse. You don’t have to swipe or tab a card as well, including no need to wait for the change to calculate it again, which obviously will take time.

Many Interesting Sales Promotions
Since this payment system can be categorized as a new payment method among Indonesians, QR Codes need to be socialized in a very interesting way. One of the strategies used is by offering discounts and cashback for the users. These promotions are massively promoted so that more people will feel the benefits of using QR Codes and digital banking, from the easy way to register for m-banking to the easy transactions.

Guaranteed Security System
Even though it’s effortless to use, QR Code payments are relatively safer. The principle used by QR Codes is almost the same as the account balance transfer. You will still be asked to enter the PIN to complete the transaction. There are also m-banking applications that use the fingerprint feature, so others cannot access the application.
Since the payment is made online, the cash inflow or outflow will also be appropriately recorded by the digital banking system. That’s why, if you find an unusual transaction in your account, you can complain to the digital banking service provider.

QR Code Payments with QR Pay from PermataMobile X
After reading the explanation above, you know this payment method provides convenience for your daily transactions. As a PermataBank customer, you can enjoy this convenience through the QR Pay feature in the PermataMobile X mobile banking application. You can use this feature at every merchant that has a QR Code QRIS. There is no need for a card or to top up your e-wallet; you can make the payment directly from your account.

PermataMobile X supports your lifestyle, from the easy way to register for m-banking to doing transactions with hundreds of features. Download the PermataMobile X application right now from App Store or Play Store!

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