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5 Must-Have Work Competencies to Master in the New Normal

Mar 30, 2022
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New normal is officially here. This decision was taken by the Indonesian government as a step to rebuild the economy and other sectors that had been affected badly. Yes, new normal means that you are finally able to do outdoor activities like working in the office, but you must adhere to the restrictions and perform several health protocols.

The new normal also requires you to immediately adapt to the many changes, including at your job. Some are back to work in the office, others are still working from home. Here are 5 must-have work competencies that you should master in this all-new condition.

Flexibility at Work
In practice, not everyone is comfortable and productive while working from home or doing remote work. Some are struggling due to the completely different work environment, most are unable to work optimally without the support of office facilities, such as stable internet connection, copier, printer, and others.

As we welcome the new normal, you need to be flexible in regards to the workplace. Try to adapt, find the core problems on why you are uncomfortable working at any place other than the office. Create a comfortable and conducive work area at home. This competency is needed to be able to work flexibly anywhere you want.

Time Management
Time management is not a brand new competency especially needed during the new normal era. Time management plays a big role in helping you to be more productive. One small example is when you have to manage time between house chores and office work which are now done at home. Work and break time must also be kept as these can affect your work quality. Therefore, you need to be creative in managing time.

Collaborative Power
The new normal demands you to be collaborative at work, despite where you are currently working. In the meantime, teamwork is highly needed since there are restrictions during the new normal practice.

For those who are working remotely, teamwork is important because you can’t have face-to-face or direct interactions with colleagues. As for those who have returned to the office, teamwork is needed because we bear more responsibility in keeping the new work norm intact.

To construct optimal teamwork, do some division of tasks between teams proportionally. Therefore, all tasks can be completed faster and on time. Don’t forget to maintain team communication. Make sure that your partners have all the support they need. These steps are necessary for achieving optimal work results.

Digital Literacy
The new normal era forces you and many people to be tech-savvy. You need various online applications and the newest digital technology that can help you work, most needed for those who are still working remotely. You can use applications like Zoom or Google Meet for video conferences, arranging work schedules and tasks using Trello or Backlog, sharing files and storage with DropBox or Google Drive, and so on. Use your creativity to find more features that enable you to work smoothly.

Problem Solving
Not only issuing new rules and habits, but new normal also brings you new problems. Nevertheless, let’s not see these problems as limitations, but rather as tools to hone your creativity in creating new solutions. Perhaps your one-on-one meeting is not possible anymore due to the work from home policy, you can be creative and find ways to utilize online video conference as a meeting medium.

You can also gain more knowledge by reading case studies with situations similar to the ones you are facing. Now, you can be more responsive in solving problems at work. This work skill will be the best asset to have because you have the ability to adapt to any situation.

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