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5 Differences In Savings And Demand Deposits You Need To Understand

Oct 05, 2022
4 Minutes

The concepts of demand deposits and savings are often seen as two similar things. However, they are two different things. You need to understand the difference between savings and demand deposits to have sufficient knowledge to distinguish between the two. This way, you’ll know which one is suitable to answer your needs. Thanks to the mobile banking application, saving money on demand deposits is now easier. Check out the full explanation below!

What is Savings?
Savings is one of the banking products in the form of deposits. Usually, savings are owned by individuals or companies. This deposit service has provisions regarding the number of funds you can withdraw and the maximum storage. Customers can adjust based on their needs and abilities.

What is a Demand Deposit?
A demand deposit is a banking product that you can use to make transactions and store money in the form of demand deposits (securities that can be converted into cash through the bank itself or by using the post office services).

Difference between Savings and Demand Deposits
Many people see savings and demand deposits as the same because both are banking products that function as money storage media. To distinguish between the two, let’s take a look at the difference between savings and demand deposits below!

  • Transaction Limit
    You can see the difference between savings and demand deposits from the maximum number of transactions these two can make. Generally, savings have a limited maximum transaction value compared to demand deposits because demand deposit products are usually aimed at business needs and thus require a higher transaction limit.
  • Cash Out
    The next difference between savings and demand deposits lies in the disbursement of money. For personal savings, the cashout process is often done through an ATM. In addition, customers who have savings can also withdraw cash through a teller at the bank. The account holder can only carry out the cashout for this savings product.
    Meanwhile, cash out for billets is not limited to ATMs. You can also make cash out using a check and billet. Other parties with these checks and billets can also withdraw money from the bank.
  • Target User
    Another very obvious difference lies in the target user. Savings are usually intended for individuals or companies that rarely have financial transaction activity. Meanwhile, individuals and companies with relatively large financial transaction activities often use demand deposits. You can consider which product is more suitable for you, savings or checking accounts.
  • Transaction Time
    If you look from the time of the transaction, savings can be made at any time without the need to write down the effective date first. The transaction time is limited for the demand deposit itself because there is an issue date and an effective date in the billet itself.

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