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6 Causes of Failed Login to PermataMobile X and the Solutions

Jul 31, 2023
4 Minutes

Mobile banking application is convenient for fulfilling daily needs. For example, you can top up data packages, credit, pay electricity and water bills, and even invest all from your smartphone using the PermataMobile X app. But, before accessing its hundreds of features, firstly you must log in to your mobile banking. So, what problem sometimes causes login failures to the application?

6 Causes of Failed Login to PermataMobile X
Stay calm if you can't log in to the PermataMobile X application. You can find out the cause and how to resolve it here.

Incorrect Password
The first and simplest cause of a login failure to PermataMobile X is a password issue. Sometimes, you might have forgotten the password you used or made a mistake in typing it. To resolve this, ensure the password you enter is correct and use a combination that is easy to remember. However, do not enter your personal information to ensure security. If you still can't remember it after two unsuccessful attempts, you can change your password using the "Forgot Password" feature.

Error in Local Time Setting
What if you still remember the password for your m-banking account but still can't log in? Pay attention to your smartphone's time and date settings. 
If you are still using a manual time zone because you have just returned from abroad or for other reasons, change the setting to an automatic time zone. This step will help prevent any time differences between your device and the PermataMobile X application server from being detected.

PermataMobile X App is in Dual Space
In the current era, many smartphones have dual space technology, where you can clone apps on your smartphone, allowing these apps to be used with different profiles. Although this feature is typically used to separate personal and professional interests, ensure you only have one installed PermataMobile X app on your smartphone. The app cannot function across multiple storage locations. So, if you find PermataMobile X app in both device storage and another storage location, delete one of them.

Using The App on a Jailbroken Smartphone
To access more features without limitations on your smartphone, you may jailbreak it or buy a pre-modified smartphone. However, many apps cannot function on jailbroken devices for security reasons, and PermataMobile X is one of them. If you cannot log in to PermataMobile X mobile banking app on a jailbroken or rooted smartphone, try switching to another device that has not been jailbroken.

Internet Connection Issues
The password is fine, the smartphone settings are secure, and your device has never been jailbroken. So, why are you still unable to log in? Don't panic; the issue might be with your internet connection!

If you're not connected to the internet through WiFi or your mobile data provider, try turning it on before reopening the PermataMobile X app. This mobile banking app requires an active and stable internet connection to provide you with the best service and security.

Smartphone Specifications are not Sufficient for The App
If your internet connection is smooth and stable but still faces login difficulties, try checking your smartphone. To ensure that the PermataMobile X app can work optimally, make sure your device meets the following specifications:

  • Android: Minimum OS 5.1 and 5.1.1, RAM 1 GB, Quad Core 1.2 Processor. For fingerprint login, a minimum OS 6.0 and the smartphone must have a fingerprint scan feature.
  • Apple: Minimum iOS 10. You can only use iPhone X Series and above for face scan login.

Do you know the possible causes of login failure to the PermataMobile X app? Whenever you encounter a similar problem, you can easily overcome it by following the mentioned tips and tricks.

But you don't need to hesitate to use this mobile banking app. Aside from having a complete set of features to handle various transactions from your fingertips, the security of all your banking data is already guaranteed here! Let's make #EveryoneMoreCapable with the sophistication of PermataMobile X starting now, and get the app!

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