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#CANTSTOPME Working on My Dream with PermataME

Apr 12, 2021
1 Minutes

Young people, are you still looking for various of the best banking products? It is time to stop looking because the search is over! Now, PermataME provides a complete service that can help you make all your dreams come true, from watching Netflix, owning a house, starting a business, to investing. PermataME will accompany you to realize your dreams #CANTSTOPME.

PermataME Savings: FeeFree Banking Services
Looking for fee-free banking services? PermataME is the answer. Enjoy free transfer services, Rp 0 admin fee, and free cash withdrawal at Indomaret stores. Get all the free services without any condition! 

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PermataME Credit: 50% Cashback for a Lifetime Netflix Subscriptions
Having a credit card is not always a wrong choice as long as you can manage its use. Credit cards can also give you many benefits. PermataME Credit gives you 50% cashback for a lifetime Netflix subscription! Yes, for a lifetime! You can follow your favorite Netflix series without having to worry about subscription fees anymore.

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PermataME KPR: Get Your Dream Home at a Young Age
Who says young people can't own a house? PermataME KPR provides various facilities for young people like you to own their dream home, such as down payment (DP) of up to 0% and a 1-day approval process for certain developers. Owning a house is no longer a dream!

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PermataME Wealth Management: Start Your Investment from only IDR 100,000
Investments must start as early as possible. Can you believe that now, you can invest starting from IDR 100,000? In PermataBank, it is possible! You can get mutual fund investment products offered by PermataBank starting from IDR 100,000. Don’t forget to choose the product that is suitable with your risk profile.

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