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Send Your Angpao via WhatsApp Gift

Jan 18, 2023
1 Minute

Chinese New Year becomes the most awaited occasion for those who celebrate it. Many Chinese New Year traditions are on the checklist, such as house clean up, Chinese New Year special dishes, yu sheng, wearing new clothes, watching lion dance, and of course red envelopes. 

Among those traditions, red envelope money gift (hong bao/angpau) is probably the most popular one, especially for youngsters and singles. But in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic situation, many people are unable to see their families to hand the red envelopes directly. 

Pandemic shouldn’t be the hindrance for your festivity. With WhatsApp Gift from PermataMobile X, we can send the angpau whenever and wherever we want, just by knowing the recipient’s WhatsApp number. There are plenty of Chinese New Year card options you can choose to accompany your gift. Don’t forget to write your personalized greeting to make it more memorable.

Use PermataMobile X now and celebrate Chinese New Year with PermataBank! Send WhatsApp Gift to your loved ones, online and real time!

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