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Sending Gifts Easier through WhatsApp Gift on PermataMobile X

Jan 20, 2023
4 Minutes

Nowadays, transferring or sending money is more than just a banking transaction. It is also one of the ways of showing affection to loved ones. For example, send a monthly allowance to your parents or reward your special ones. Now, money transferring activities can be easily done through various kinds of apps such as PermataMobile X mobile banking.

Through the Transfer Money feature, you can send money in seconds. Moreover, PermataBank also provides WhatsApp Gift on PermataMobile X that will enable you to send money in a fun and classy way. This feature can be accessed through PermataMobile X!

No Need to Copy The Account Number
As the name suggests, WhatsApp Gift is a feature used to send gifts in the form of money by transferring the money to your loved ones. By using a WhatsApp Gift feature, you will not need to copy or add an account number to transfer the money. You will only need an active WhatsApp number of the receiver you want to send a WhatsApp Gift. It is super easy, fast, and simple, right?

Send Money along with an Attractive Greeting Card
The WhatsApp Gift feature is now equipped with greeting cards in various designs tailored to your needs or other special celebrations such as Eid al Fitr, Christmas, or Imlek. It will be a memorable experience for your loved ones to receive money as well as greeting cards from you!

Send Money along with a Personal Message 
Not only equipped with various kinds of greeting cards, the WhatsApp Gift feature on PermataMobile X is also equipped with a column to add a short message that you can use to write a personal message as long as 160 characters! You can write, for example, “Happy Birthday!”, “Eid Mubarak,” “Merry Christmas,” etc.

You can also use this column to add a description. For example, you just had dinner with your friend, and he/she paid for your order in one bill, so when you want to pay them back by using WhatsApp Gift, you add a description “My dinner bill.”

WhatsApp Gift offers a new and fun way of sending money online. To enjoy this feature, you need to have a PermataBank account. Download and register your PermataMobile X mobile banking on your smartphone now!

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