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Dreaming of Going to Mecca? Prepare These 5 Things

May 22, 2021
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Performing hajj in the Holy Land is the dream of Muslims, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest hajj quota in the world. In 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia added the hajj quota for Indonesia to 10 thousand. The Indonesian hajj quota has increased, in line with the enthusiasm of the Indonesian people. The prospective pilgrims have to wait patiently to enter the waiting list. Some people even have to wait for over 20 years.

Of course, this situation should not diminish your intention to perform the hajj. This dream will come true if it is well prepared. Besides physical preparation, you must also be prepared financially. Check out the things that need to be prepared for your hajj pilgrimage plans below.

Find Out Hajj Requirements and Regulations
The first step is of course finding out and understanding all the requirements and regulations for performing the hajj. We recommend you to get this information from official sources. Do not underestimate seemingly simple requirements, such as the obligation to have a bank account in your name. This regulation is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Religion (PMA) Number 29 of 2015 concerning the Implementation of Regular Hajj. You can open savings accounts specifically for hajj such as PermataTabungan iB Haji.

Start Saving Money in The Hajj Savings Account
The waiting list for the hajj departure is quite long. This time can be used by the prospective congregation to start preparing the hajj financing fund. PermataBank makes it easy to realize your dream to the Holy Land through PermataTabung iB Haji. Prospective pilgrims can start saving in an account that has been integrated with the Integrated Hajj Information and Computerization System (SISKOHAT) from the Ministry of Religion. That way, prospective pilgrims do not have to worry about queues anymore.

PermataTabungan iB Haji applies sharia principles with the Mudharabah Mutlaqah agreement. The initial deposit is fairly low, starting from IDR 250,000 and the next deposit is IDR 50,000. The timeframe applied is also flexible. This offer is perfect for anyone looking to start saving money for hajj.

Not just a low deposit, this Hajj savings account does not have a monthly debit card administration fee. Transactions can also be carried out at all PermataBank and PermataBank Syariah offices, as well as at the Ministry of Religion's Office through the PermataBank Syariah One Stop Service.

Easy account opening for PermataTabungan iB Haji. You only have to register online through mobile banking PermataMobile X. It is easy and you don't have to come to the Bank.

Strong Physical and Healthy Body are The Key to Perform Hajj
Hajj is a form of worship that involves excellent physicality. Starting from thawaf, sa'i around the Kaaba for seven rounds, until throwing the jumrah requires energy.  Not only that, you will be faced with weather conditions that were relatively different from Indonesia. Therefore, you should prepare your physical condition.

Before leaving for the Hajj, it's best to get some physical workout with regular exercise. Do not forget to balance it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough rest, and consuming nutritious foods. If necessary, consume a multivitamin regularly to help maintain your health.

A thorough health check should not be missed. By knowing the health results, if you have a history of certain diseases, you should consult a doctor. If it is possible to perform hajj, personal medicines need to be prepared. 

Equipment That Must Be Prepared
Before departure, prospective pilgrims need to pack their belongings for the hajj. Pilgrims are required to wear ihram clothes. Therefore, prepare several pairs of ihram clothes to change during the hajj. 

You can also prepare a small bag to carry things during the pilgrimage. The bag is carrying important documents such as passports, airplane tickets, backup photos as identity, vaccine proof documents, copies of prescription drugs if you have a history of disease. Aside from documents, also pay attention to personal items such as footwear, suitcases, cell phones to communicate during the hajj. 

Meningitis and Influenza Vaccines
If preparations in terms of health, finance, and goods have been completed, there is one more thing that should not be missed, namely getting vaccines for meningitis and influenza before leaving.   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires all pilgrims to be vaccinated. Vaccination services are usually included in the pilgrimage travel package.
After knowing the things that need to be prepared for performing the hajj pilgrimage, now is the time to strengthen your intentions and plans. Start a hajj savings account as early as possible at PermataTabungan iB Haji.

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