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Product Information Summary


PermataEDC shall mean a tool used to accept payment transactions using credit cards and/or debit cards as well as to accept payment transactions via Quick Response (QR) system based on the QR Code Indonesia Standards (QRIS).

Name of Issuer

PT Bank Permata,Tbk


The features* provide in PermataEDC are as follows:

  1. Sale/Purchase Feature, is a feature that can be used by a Merchant to receive payments using credit or debit cards, but the Merchant’s is required to set the settlement, thereforthe Bank can pay the invoice to the Merchant's account. In using this feature, the Merchant will be subject to a Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) in accordance with the amount as specified on the Merchant Data Form (MDF). Specifically, for transactions in Indonesia that use domestic debit cards, the MDR scheme will comply with the provisions of the Regulator.
    Regarding the use of the purchase/sale feature on PermataEDC, transactions can be carried out in a swipe/dip or contactless where the method of use follows the features available on the card or the policies that apply in Indonesia.
    With the contactless feature on PermataEDC, it can allow transactions at Merchant to be carried out faster because it does not require a PIN for transactions made below a nominal value of 1 million rupiah.
  2. Mini ATM features include:
    1. Payment Point is a feature that can be used by the Merchants to make a routine monthly bill payments and purchase of top up vouchers where this transaction can be made using a debit card.
    2. Information/Inquiry is a feature that contains information about the final balance, print the last 8 transactions (mini statement), PermataBank credit card bills and so on.
  3. QR Payment Feature: is a feature for accept the payments from customers using the QR code generated by PermataEDC for further processing by the customer by scanning the QR on his/her mobile application. For this feature, settlement shall be carried out by the Bank every day, and the Merchant will receive settlement funds on D + 1, the amount of funds transferred is equal to the value of the bill less the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR), where the amount of the MDR shall be set by the Regulator and stated in Merchant Data Form.

*) The features in Permata EDC are provided according to merchant needs and bank policies.

Advantages of Use

  1. One EDC with various transaction functions, namely:
    1. Can accept the payments for goods/services using a credit and/or debit card.
    2. Can accept payment point transactions, or transactions for receiving routine monthly bill payments or top up.
    3. Can accept all QR Code payment transactions that already support QRIS.
  2. Broad access: accepting all types of Credit Cards and/or Debit Cards, both issued by Bank Permata and other Banks incorporated in the networks, among others as follows *:
    *) Including other networks that will establish a cooperation with PermataBank in the future. Accepting cards with the logos above, adjusted for the features opened on the EDC.

Benefits for The Merchants

  1. Accepting non-cash payment transactions
  2. Mitigating the risk of keeping cash and the difference in payments.
  3. Receiving additional facilities in the form of accepting payment point transactions on EDC with the features similar to ATMs.

Product Risk

Matters that must be considered by Merchants related to the use of PermataEDC, because it can provide the following risks for the Merchants:

  1. The PIN must be kept confidential by each cardholder.
  2. PermataEDC Merchant shall be located in the location that has been registered with PermataBank, if it is moved without PermataBank's approval or is lost, the Merchant must bear all losses and consequences.
  3. For each transaction, a Merchant must keep the EDC transaction slip as the evidance of a successful transaction and also as the evidence of the transaction at a later date. If EDC does not issue a Transaction Slip or the Transaction Slip does not appear an approval code, the transaction status is failure and the Merchant must reject to continue the Transaction and the goods/services may not be submitted to the cardholder/customer. If the Merchant keeps refunding the cash or providing goods/services, then all risks shall be the full responsibility of the Merchant.
  4. Permata EDC requires GPRS signals from operators (for GPRS types) with good quality.
  5. If the PermataEDC falls/collides, there is a risk of damage to the machine and the Merchant shall be fully responsible for the use of the PermataEDC.
  6. Merchant delays in making settlements can result in late/unpaid merchant bills.

General Criteria

PermataEDC is only intended for a PermataBank customer who has been approved to become a Merchant, both individuals and institutions.

Requirements and Procedures for Customer Complaints Service

Requirements to become a Merchant:

  1. Having a location/place to carry out a business that has potential uses and is in accordance with the Bank's policies
  2. Completing the Merchant Data Form (MDF) and signing the General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) of Cooperation of the Merchant.
  3. Opening a PermataBank savings/current account according to the applicable procedures in the branch office.
  4. Completing the document requirements in accordance with the type of registration (individual/institution) and fulfilling the requirements as a merchant:
    Fotokopi KTP Fotokopi KTP
    Fotokopi NPWP Fotokopi NPWP
    Fotokopi SIUP Fotokopi SIUP/Surat Sewa yang masih berlaku
    Fotokopi Akte Pendirian atau Perubahan terakhirnya -
    Fotokopi Rekening koran 3 bulan terakhir Fotokopi Rekening koran 3 bulan terakhir
    Mengisi MDF (aplikasi merchant) dan menandatangani Syarat dan Ketentuan Umum Merchant Mengisi MDF (aplikasi merchant) dan menandatangani Syarat dan Ketentuan Umum Merchant
    Foto Lokasi Usaha/Pemasangan EDC Foto Lokasi Usaha/Pemasangan EDC
  5. In accordance with the terms and policies of Bank Permata merchant selection
  6. Paying the device rental fee every month, and providing an amount of funds as a device collateral funds*

*) The collateral funds will be refunded if the agreement has terminate and the device shall be returned to the Bank in good condition

Procedures for Customer Complaints Service:

The Merchants can submit complaints to PermataBank through the following:

  1. Orally: Through PermataTel in 1500111'
  2. In Writing:
    1. Come to the PermataBank office network
    2. Visiting the website www.permatabank.com
    3. E-mail: care@permatabank.co.id

The Application Process to Become a Merchant

  1. The nearest PermataBank branch office.
  2. Marketing Staff for PermataBank Product.


EDC Rental Fee: Rp 175.000/month. EDC Collateral Fund: Rp 1.000.000/EDC. MDR Fee:

Transaction Switching Type of Card % MDR Remark
Visa/Mastercard/others International switching PermataBank and Other Bank Credit and Debet card 2% Negoitable
Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN)/domestic switching PermataBank Debet card 0.15%

Determined by Regulator

For special MCC:
Bansos, Donasi social, nirlaba, MDR 0%

Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN)/domestic switching Domestic other Bank Debet Card 1%

Determined by Regulator

For special MCC:

  1. Gas Station 0.5%
  2. Education 0.75%
  3. Bansos, Donasi social, nirlaba 0%
QRIS PermataBank and other Bank/institution QR 0.7%

Determined by Regulator

For special MCC:

  1. Gas Station, Public Service Obligation, and Badan Layanan Umum 0.4%
  2. Education 0.6%
  3. Bansos, Donasi social, nirlaba 0%

The MDR fee determined by the Regulator may change according to the provisions of the Regulator and will be listed on the Merchant Data Form.


Type of Card Transaction Amount % MDR MDR Amount Amount Received by Merchant
PermataBank and other Bank Credit Card  through International switching 500,000 2% 10,000 490,000
PermataBank Debet Card through GPN/domestic switching 750,000 0.15% 1,125 748,875
Other Bank Debet Card through GPN/domestic switching 1,000,000 1% 10,000 990,000
QR PermataBank and Non PermataBank via QRIS 300,000 0.70% 2,100 297,900

Disclaimer (important to read):

  1. The bank may reject your product application if it does not meet the applicable requirements and regulations.
  2. You must carefully read this Summary of Product and Service Information before agreeing to the application for the PermataQR and have the right to ask Bank employees for all matters related to this Summary of Information on Products and Services.

For further information, please contact PermataTel at 1500111


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