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5 Tips on How to Fix Leaking Roof

Feb 15, 2023
4 Minutes

Being a country with two seasons, wet and dry, Indonesia usually experiences the wet season early in the year. When this occurs, some people may experience leaking roofs in their houses. Even though it looks like a small problem, a leaking roof may lead to significant and long-lasting problems for your house. For example, the wooden frame of your home can be weathered, and the paint may peel off after being exposed again and again to water.

Ultimately, your house will not only be ruined aesthetically; but its safety could also be compromised. This problem may result in expensive repair if not fixed immediately. Therefore, you need to fix the problem soon by renovating your roof. To help you, here are five tips on how to renovate your house to make its roof leak-proof and more durable overall.

5 Tips on renovating a leaking roof
You can't renovate a house haphazardly. For example, you can't just use waterproof paint to solve the roof leaking; you must also find out the root of the problem. So, here we present you with five tips on how to stop the leaking water from your roof.

Check The Condition of Your Roof
The first thing you need to do when you find out that water leaks from your roof are to check the condition of your roof. Look for where the water came from. Is your roof tile still attached firmly? If not, those can be why water rushes into the ceiling. Moreover, loose roof tile may also harm others when a strong wind blows.

Check The Angle
Next, check the angle of your roof. Necessarily, roof tiles should not be positioned too flat or too steep. Therefore, the rise should be around 25 to 40 degrees. The water might leak into the house if it was lower than that. If it is higher than that, you should stick the roof tiles with nails or other necessary tools to stick nicely and not easily fall off.

Apply More Protective Layers
After checking the roof, you may apply protective layers such as aluminum foil. Usually, this protective layer is placed under the roof tile so the water would not leak through the gap. Instead, the water will be directed toward the gutter so it will not seep through the roof and damage the frame. 

Check The Quality of The Gutter
The gutter has a significant role in preventing the leak from happening. Thus, you need to check whether it is clogged by dirt, leaves, or other stuff brought by rainwater. When the gutter is blocked, the water will not run off efficiently to the sewer. This would cause the water to seep into the roof and leak into the house.

Cut Dangerous Tree
A shady tree on your house's side does help create a comfortable environment. However, this may result in a dangerous situation when hard rain comes since it could bring the tree down. When part of it strikes the roof, it could damage the roof tile and create a hole, leaking rainwater into your room.

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