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Info Administration Fee Changes for Top Up ShopeePay via PermataVirtual Account

Mar 04, 2024
1 Minute

PermataBank Customers,

Effective as of 1 July 2024, ShopeePay top up transactions via PermataVirtual Account will be subject to an administration fee of IDR 500,- per transaction and applies to all PermataBank Top Up methods. This fee does not include admin fees for ShopeePay Top Up via Virtual Account which are charged by Shopee.

For more information, contact care@permatabank.co.id or PermataTel 1500111.


Q: What is the meaning of ShopeePay Top Up Administrative Fee through PermataBank e-Banking?
A: It refers to the fee charged to PermataBank customers for ShopeePay Top Up transactions via Permata e-Banking (PermataMobile X, PermataNet, PermataATM, Permata EDC , PermataTel and PBPP), in addition to the Top Up amount paid by customer.

Q : How much is the Administrative fee charged to the customers?
A : The Administrative fee of Rp 500,-/transaction and applies to all PermataBank Top Up methods. This fee does not include the Administrative fee for ShopeePay Top Up via Virtual Account charged by Shopee.

Q : Does this only apply to ShopeePay's Top Up feature via Virtual Account?
A : The Administrative Fee applies to all payment features, including the Top Up feature of ShopeePay e-Wallet, Virtual Account Payment, and Bank Transfer between accounts, across all PermataBank e-Banking channels.

Q : When does this Admnisrative Fee take effect? 
A : The Administrative Fee becomes effective on 1 July 2024. 

Q : Why is Shopee still deducting the Admnistratve Fee from my ShopeePay Top Up amount even after PermataBank implemented this fee?
A : The deduction of the Admnistrative fee from the customer’s ShopeePay Top Up amount is a policy set by PT. AirPay International Indonesia Tbk (ShopeePay).

Q : Why are PermataBank customers getting charged another Administration Fee apart from the Administration Fee charged by Shopee?
A : The imposition of administrative fees is a policy of PT. Bank Permata Tbk.

Q: What is the Top Up limit for ShopePay in Permata e-Banking?
A : The Top Up limit for ShopeePay through PermataBank e-Banking will follow the limits applicable to each type of PermataBank debit card held by customers, and the limits applicable on ShopeePay. 

Q: For what amount of ShopeePay Top Up are customers being charged an administrative fee?
A : For all available amounts of ShopeePay Top Up in PermataBank e-Banking.

Q: Will this administration fee information be listed on the proof/transaction slip?
A : Information on the Administration Fee of Rp. 500,- will be listed on the proof/transaction slip

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